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  6. Hey

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  7. Hello travelers!

    Of course we remember you 😉
    Good to hear that everything is going fine in Bolivia!
    And you’re lucky – you’re heading towards Brasil! We loved it!
    Let us know if you need information where to stay with the car.

    Here, in paragliders paradise, we still are – waiting for the rest of our spare parts. Yes, it’s true. The first box arrived, but the second, which was sent together with the first, is still stuck in customs… We now ordered again the most important parts and a guest of the flightpark will bring it with him next week. Yeahh!

    So we hope to approach Peru mid of December and find some good windsurfing over there. After that crossing Ecuador fast, fly a little in Colombia and then ship over to Panama. That’s the plan. If things don’t work out, we’ll stay in the flightpark until Easter. (just kidding – but who knows…)

    We are eager to see how things will turn out for you guys in Brasil –
    always good travelling and many more great experiences to come!

    All the best from Iquique –
    Al & Juddi

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